Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

This is what spring looks like on this spectacular Easter morning! Wishing you a beautiful day!


  1. Dear ShannonAnn,
    So happy to have news from spring in Newfoundland! A what a spring! Is that your house there? Looks like my dream house, with glass walls looking at the most beautiful lanscape I could imagine. Happy easter!

  2. It is awesomely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this rugged and special place.
    Hope your weekend was grand and that the days ahead will be, too ~ xoxo

  3. Shannon, your house is just beautiful. I didn,t realize how totally cool it is. It blends with the beach so well.

  4. How wonderful - spring comes slow here in Labrador but the days are longer and I see signs that the bay may break up soon. Then we'll have the Ice to Water Dance. What fun.


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