Friday, May 20, 2011

A Tonic For the Blues

Jan Morrison from issued a challenge to think of some small things that color your world a little bit brighter on a cold, rainy, summer will never get here, spring day. My very first thoughts were of my sweet friends, Sage and Malach. Admittedly they are of utmost importance, but still a visit with them can bring me out of the worst moods the moment I walk through the door. Over the winter we sang 'Kungfu Fighting' almost everyday, today Malach was singing it word for word on his own, well he is only four ya know.

My buddy, Hobbes, has been with me for twelve years. He is a lover really, he likes to cuddle and ride on my shoulder. He would sleep on my head if I let him, but I don't let him.

Our Annie is a princess, delicate and beautiful. She follows me all over the house and wants to be on my lap whenever I am at the computer. She especially enjoys yoga and music.

Pepper you have met a few times, she is just too cute for words and we are so happy she came to love us.

Sometimes to my delight, Roxie, our neighborhood Newfoundland dog, will be on my back doorstep for a visit. Often she will stay for the day. She rocks!

And then of course there is the wildness of my beach. Each day there is something to delight me and lift my mood.

Now I understand why Jan specified a 'small thing', as I sit here thinking of all the things that help brighten my days, a new follower on my blog, a message from an old friend always brings a smile, making a new friend, joining FB and all of a sudden realizing how very connected I am to the outside world, George having a surprise day off, my orchids sending up new shoots, seeing a whale in our bay... well you start to get the picture. And so do I, how blessed am I.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To my mother and to

all of the loving and nurturing women out there, Happy Mother's Day!