Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big, Beautiful Roxy!

I am so excited to tell you, to tell anyone who will listen, that beautiful Roxy is now officially my very own Newfoundland dog! She has been living on this beach for as long as I have, she grew up playing with my beloved Moses and we have both missed him terribly this past year. Her true owner has grown, moved to Alberta and has started a family of his own and feels that Roxy is better off staying on her beach. I am delighted to have her!

I just love her coat but it is so matted, actually felted, I tried to tease out the dreads but quickly realized it wasn't working out too well, plus Roxy wasn't happy either, so it will need to be sheared off. Roxy is eager to please and is just the sweetest dog!

I wish you a happy summer solstice too!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dandelions hail in the Summer!

Just a few days ago the air softened and took on a decided turn towards warmer weather. You can feel it on your skin and smell it in the air, summer is here! And every where you look you see dandelions!
I was watching my little hero in most things, Sage, playing in the dandelions. She was in search of the biggest flowers she could find to make her mother a special bouquet (Niki is recovering from knee surgery). Sage is a fellow artist, so when there is an opportunity I try to encourage her to look at things closely. We talked about the many petals in the dandelion and the subtleties of yellows in the petals. I had to laugh because after that I became suddenly fascinated with this most humble yet beautiful flower... that most of us call weeds.