Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Alone, waiting...

When I was a little girl I would fill my bed with all my stuffed animals, I couldn't bear to leave anyone out for fear that I would hurt their feelings, my bed would be full and I would have to move to my sister's bed.
This guy pulls on my heartstrings just like my toys did, he has been sitting on these rocks all first he cried a lot, now he just watches the world around him. And he is alone.


  1. I love the photos...such serenity...he seems to be enjoying the serenity even if at first he did not..good to see you xx

  2. Amazing pictures with reflections. I wonder what he is thinking about ...this is a magical post...

  3. Beyond the probability that he is over three years old and under fifteen, I cannot deduce this bird's age. However, Sea Gulls are always born in August. This one is waiting for his birthday. I think a treat would be appropriate.

  4. I remember my bed full of animals, too, and I loved them all so much. I also love the images you've shared here ... a beautiful place to be alone, maybe he doesn't mind the peace & solitude.

  5. So sad, I hope he finds a mate soon.

  6. Dear ShanonAnne,wonderful pictures with great reflections!!!
    And the landscapes look so peaceful!Thank you for sharing!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Yes, I'm afraid to hurt my toys' feelings too!! I love these pictures, especially the third one. He looks so small and alone there. But to me he doesn't look sad. He looks like he's thinking a lot. Sort of like a king looking over everything that belongs to him.

  8. What a nice, yet, sad posting...However, I've seen many seagulls doing the same thing. So, why no see it the positive way? He enjoys the serenity of the sea!I just hope you don't feel lonely.
    Beautiful photos.

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment.Sending you my love...


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