Friday, July 12, 2013

Pink Lady-slipper

A few weeks ago, while walking through our wooded trail, I found one lone pink lady-slipper among the blue beaded lilies. I just couldn't accept that there was only one and I searched the entire area looking for more. It was a mystery, how could there be only one?  A week later I found three more half a kilometer up the trail.
I hope you are discovering new things and enjoying summer thus far.


  1. So pretty ~ glad you found more!
    Good looking pup, too!

  2. A mysterious beauty... happy summer!

  3. Hallo ShanonAnn!!!
    How lucky you are!!What a preety wild flower!!!
    Have a lovely and happy Summer!!

  4. How pretty!! Your whole forest looks lovely actually. I miss the trees in our neighbourhood. We can't find many wild flowers now :(

  5. Beautiful flower! So far I'm exploring and enjoying the sea to the full!Enjoy the summer!


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