Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Who doesn't love dragonflies and flowers and puppy dog eyes?

I have been enjoying my camera more and more these days. Before I had a digital camera I was often disappointed with my shots, now I can shoot to my hearts content and be playful with it too. And I usually get a few good ones!
Lately I have been playing around with close-ups. I especially like the close-up of Roxy's eye.

I promise not to complain that it has been raining for four days straight!


  1. Love your photos...all have a bit of blue in them...I know you are not the complaining type but I feel I have complain on your behalf...clouds and rains, please go away! xo

  2. you have a great eye for detail shannon. lovely photos. Don't worry, I've heard we are in for some rain for the next three days, which include the weekend! I hope our cloudy skies bring sunshine to yours. Jane x

  3. You two are great, the sun came out today and it is beautiful! Thanks for your encouragement.

  4. :P
    Oh we had such a down pour yesterday! It reminded me of the Labrador rain of my childhood...

    These shots are great! What camera are you using?I think we'll have a very good time you and I...I was teaching my Mom some photo fundamentals while I was there. She has a good eye too but hates technical stuff! So I fear I'll be teaching every visit! :D

    Still raining today? Hope not!
    {will be calling soon}

  5. I know you can teach me a lot!!!
    We did get sun yesterday but alas, today rain. Strange summer this year, but not just here, BC is cold too.
    So looking forward to your visit!

  6. Who indeed doesn't love those things, count me in.

    I love your big sloppy dog!

    xo Ro

  7. These are precious! You have a nice eye for photography. I hope it has stopped raining. Thank you for your kind comment, I was really touched. Many kisses!

  8. Beautiful shades of blue. You're a wonderful photographer. Thank you for visiting my blog and give me the chance to discover yours.

  9. Hello! Wow, it's my first time here and I must say you have some truly lovely photos! Dragonflies, puppies and flowers are all fantastic in my book! Such deep and beautiful shades of purple and blue too.

    I saw your question on Ro's blog about hummingbirds and I was curious about the answer, so I looked up a little info. From what I can tell, no, it wouldn't be at all likely to see hummingbirds where you are. :-( BUT... I did find this interesting news piece from last January talking about a very rare sighting in Brownsdale, Trinity Bay of an Anna's Hummingbird -- that's a species that we get here year-round! Amazing that it could survive the temperature difference...

  10. Hey Harsi, thanks for coming by, and for looking up hummingbirds and Newfoundland. I don't think it is the cold that stops them from coming here, as the winters here are no colder than Vermont winters. I miss them, they are so magical.

    And welcome Amelie also. Your black and white photos are amazing!

  11. I do!!! And I like your beautiful blog and photos as well :)

  12. Thanks Otli, your pictures are beautiful as well!


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