Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chasing Ice-Bergs

As you can see, we are not having any heat-waves in Newfoundland!


  1. Oh! this is magical. There is so much beauty around you.

  2. Super cool!! You and Mogul look like you are enjoying yourselves.

  3. I love all the watery goodness happening here.
    Especially that beautiful shimmer and the ripples in your header photo.
    Thanks for sharing the loveliness of your unique view of the world.
    Stretches my heart to see more of the planet this way:)

  4. Dear ShannonAnn,
    Thank you for your message of love. Which is most welcome and needed. All the family and friends are safe. But we are all shocked and sadened. I post the roses of November to remember that there is still beauty. Your words are so precious also.
    Much love, from Amélie


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