Monday, January 16, 2012


About three years ago I cut a christmas cookie recipe out of our local newspaper, stuck it in a cookbook and promptly forgot all about it. I found it the other day and discovered an article on the back about Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Most of you know that George was diagnosed with this cancer last August.

In the early part of December, I ran into the library to return an overdue book. I didn't have much time but the librarian told me that I should pick up a few books because the library would be closed for a few weeks while they were being relocated to a new building. I just picked up a couple of  books without really knowing what I had, when I got home I found this book:
It is an excellent book, written largely for the layperson, without being condescending. After reading this book George and I have a clear understanding of what cancer is, and we both felt that it was an important read.

Isn't it interesting the way information enters into your awareness?
These are just some of the things I think about while knitting socks. The green pair were made for George and the other pair for my wonderful cousin, Laura. (sorry if I ruined the surprise Laurie)


  1. I often wonder how these things funnel into our consciousness, so glad they found their way to you.

    Hand knit socks! wonderful work Shannon.


  2. Yes, absolutely, ShannonAnn, I do really love how that happens! With me it usually is at the library or bookstore especially when I feel a deep need to go there. Glad the info came to you and hope all is well ~ cool socks!

  3. I think these things are brought to your attention because you need to be reading them. I will remember that book, a friend has a rare disease that resembles cancer but not it. I have been thinking a lot about consciousness too and being there makes me happy. Sending you love...

  4. Amazing how we find our ways to our needs ...
    Love your socks !

  5. I love the way the universe works... when we are quiet and not forceful, she brings us what we need, when the time is just right. It's when we are too pushy and yearning for structure in all things, that she stays out of focus. I am so glad she found you in this way.

  6. Thank-you all for your wonderful comments! It is amazing how the universe works and I am grateful!!!


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