Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Forever Hopeful!

About a month ago I noticed this crow with a broken wing. I thought for sure he would succumb to his injuries or starve to death, but every few days I would see him again. I started to leave food out for him in hope that he would find it. I have tried to get close enough for a good photo but he is smart and surprisingly quick. It always seems as if the crow is alone but if I get to close several other crows start
 appearing, very interesting. It is comforting to know he isn't completely on his own.



After a storm with hurricane winds last weekend, and snow on the ground, I am so glad to see him out and about. And sweet Roxy leaves the crow alone too!  Peace and hope on our beach :)
I want to thank you again for all your emails and comments of encouragement and concern for George and I. He continues to respond well to the chemotherapy and so far he has managed to avoid infections of any kind. We have to avoid groups of people and children especially, which makes it a bit hard, I miss everyone so much, but I know it is only until March or April.  And we are getting excited... Christmas is coming!


  1. Wishing a warm and sweet Christmas for you and George.
    Roxy looks quite comfortable in the snow like a big ol bear.
    Poor wounded crow.

    I'm glad to hear things are going well regarding the chemo.


  2. Beautiful story of this wounded crow, beautiful light in these pictures in black and snow.
    I'm happy for these encouraging and hopefull news from Georges. Wish you a peaceful time for Christmas season...

  3. That crow makes a beautiful scene against the snow...I know it is your love and care that keeps him going. Sweet Roxy is sweet indeed, those lovely eyes! And you dear Shannon are in my prayers everyday ...you and George are watched from above I am sure. Sending you love!

  4. You beautiful ladies make my heart glow!

  5. Oh my goodness, Roxy is so adorable. I certainly hope the crow heals and is able to fly away. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.

  6. Thanks Laura, Roxy is one sweet dog-person. I'm not too sure about that poor crow, I might be able to find someone who can set the wing for him, he seems so strong otherwise. It's actually illegal to help wild birds here in Newfoundland, can you imagine?

  7. Hi Shannon, thanks for your lovely comment, a big hello from Madrid.

  8. I hope Xmas and 2012 will bring to you and to your family a lots of good things and good news !
    Anne (from Belgium)

  9. That is interesting. Nature makes me full of curiosities. I hope to take more time to just watch and listen like you have.

    Have a wonderful, memorable week.

    xx, Cassie

  10. It's hard to watch. I have a squirrel who is very much a regular. I feed it every day. The squirrel who I named Wobbly has something called head tilt, a inner ear infection and is permanent. Makes him/her go around in circles. Now I have a very large group of squirrels.... they have all caught on!



  11. So glad to hear...My best wishes to George and his recovery process. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas together.

    The crow breaks my heart. Poorest beast.

    Roxy is looking so, so well.



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