Monday, October 24, 2011

All In a Dream

Living with cancer, whether you have it or your loved one has it, is a surreal experience. Everything about it feels like a dream, from the emotional aspect that seems to intensify every feeling, to the medical world of hospitals (George was in hospital for five weeks), to the chemotherapy and the aftermath, to the total disruption of normal life and the amazing outpouring of love and support from family and friends. It is just all so strange! Luckily for us, George is responding really well to treatments and he is one of the lucky few who is able to gain some strength between the chemo cycles. So yes, cancer is our main focus for now, but it isn't the only thing going and we are moving forward ever so slowly, back to our projects, back to our art, back to our lives. Understandably I have only taken my camera out a couple of times in the past few months and even then the images felt dreamlike to me. The last day in September I saw a bunch of bees hanging out on the same flower. They were moving in slow motion and I was able to get some interesting macro shots.
These bees really caught my curiosity... what is this guy doing upside down? He stayed like that ever so long. And this moose, she was seen inside the city limits of St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, in the back yard of our good friends, Donna and Kevin. She didn't seem too
concerned that there were people around and it was only my healthy respect for her size that kept me from getting closer to her.
Lastly, I want to thank all of you for your continued love and support. Your prayers, positive energy and healing thoughts have been a tremendous help to George and I.


  1. Dear Shannon Ann- I feel like smiling when I hear that George and you are doing better. How connected we all are is truly remarkable!
    Those bees are so fluffy and the flowers hard to begin describe. Fluffy bees for fluffy flowers : )
    I have to laugh whenever I see a moose only because I saw one a few years ago in Vermont and some woman yelled out "look at that llama"!!
    Wishing you all good and better each and every day! xoxo

  2. Dearest Mona, you always make me smile! I have only seen a few moose up close, usually they are on the run or I get a glimpse from a moving vehicle. But the bees, I've never seen them like that, barely moving. Strange. XOXO

  3. I forgot to tell you that from that day on I yell 'llama" everytime I see a moose, in photo or anywhere!

    I can only imagine that those bees are too intelligent to want to let a good flower go. They are in heavens! xxoo

  4. I don't know if I can send you comforting thoughts, but I know how we can feel when we live with someone fighting against cancer... and I know that, even if we feel useless... we aren't if we try to support, help or smile.

  5. Leider spreche ich kein englisch, doch ich hoffe, Du kannst meine zeilen lesen, dank "onkel Google" ;) Du hast wunderschöne fotos auf Deiner seite ... u. ich wünsche Dir, daß Du, trotz großem kummer, den blick für das schöne um Dich herum nicht verlierst. Ich wünsche Dir viel kraft u. natürlich auch dem patienten, daß er alles gut übersteht.
    Liebe sonnige grüße zu Dir,
    Bine, die Dich nun öfters "besucht" ;)

  6. I'm happy your husband is responding well to treatment, thats a high note. It must feel surreal having everything turned inside out.

    Those drowsy furry bees are absolutely adorable, wonderful shots.

    A moose, I would keep a healthy distance too.


  7. Otli and Wollflocke, Thanks for stopping by and sending healing thoughts our way. It is great to have you here.

    And Ro, You always brighten my day!

  8. Take care of yourself and your family in this hard time. Hope you find courage and strength from friends and family when you need it, and sending you lots of good energy from Montana. P.s. BEE-utiful shots!

  9. Dear ShannonAnn,
    Wishing you and George all the best. I have not followed your blog for very long, but immediately fell in love with the poetry of your images, with Newfoundland I don't know. I was very touched by the news, and hope these encouraging news about George treatment will last.
    These photos of the bees are amazing.

    I hope you are both holding up well and keeping your spirits UP as high as you can.

  11. Hey Shannon Ann, the pictures of the bee's are just sweet!! also the moose photo is amazing - just to be that close to a moose is amazing. I'm so glad George is responding so well to the treatment and that you and George are now finding the time to do your art, etc. Love Laura

  12. Laura, it is so fun to see you here! I'll call you tonight.

    And thank-you to all my cyber friends for the wonderful support you have given to George and I! Xo's


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