Monday, March 21, 2011

Like a silent prayer

This has been a difficult winter emotionally. There has been unspeakable sadness within my family, my closest cousin and best friend lost her youngest daughter. In my circle of friends, teenage daughters lose their mother, in my little town a mother loses her nine year old daughter, and then there is Japan and all that sorrow too. My emotions have been close to the surface and I have been quietly waiting for my equilibrium to return. I have found solace in the beauty and love that surround me. And though it is officially spring, here in Newfoundland there is still snow on the ground. Before I say good-bye to winter I want to share some of my favorite winter images with you.


  1. Gorgeous pictures Shannon. So sorry to hear things have been unsettled lately. Thinking of you!!

  2. Thanks Robyn. These are sad times, but I look forward to summer and your yoga classes.

  3. My condolences Shannon. Such sadness for you for the world, may you find yourself rooted in peace, the peace that your images evoke.

    xo Rochelle

  4. Thank-you for visiting my blog, Rochelle, and for your kind words of support.

  5. Your spirit is so strong Shanna. Through all of this you are still able to share positivity and delight to our little hearts...they love you so much! The force is with you indeed.
    Great images by the way.

  6. Oh, Shannon,
    We've had so much sadness & sorrow in our family, too...So much darkness.

    ....but your photos made me smile:)
    Yes, they were each like a "silent prayer."


    Thank you. xxx

  7. Kim, I'm so sorry to hear of your heartache. I'm glad you found some comfort here.


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