Saturday, October 30, 2010

Catching Up

Finally I finished a couple of birthday gifts that are woefully past due. I will get them in the post on Monday. My beautiful young friends just turned twelve and nine. Their birthdays aren't over until their packages arrive from Newfoundland.
I made this shoulder bag for a dancer. The inside pocket is extra large to hold her dancing shoes. I started making these shoulder bags last summer and have started making them to sell. More on that at a later date. Note the felt button.

This is what I call a sweater skirt because it has been up-cycled from a sweater and turned into a skirt, scarf and wrist warmers. The card goes with this gift, I drew it from a planter I have in my window.

A huge on-going project is our house.

George and I have been doing a lot of work on our house the last few months. I have been fixing plaster walls and doing a lot of painting. When I realized that I would have to wait until next year for a wood floor I decided to have fun painting the floor. Here is what I came up with. I plan to paint the entire first floor this way.
My goal is to try and get the main living space as comfortable as I can so I can host knit night soon :-)

Another highlight for us is Pepper, a kitten we adopted last week. She is fearless, this one. I have two adult cats that were not pleased with her arrival but she is holding her own.


  1. well hold off on knit night until we get there...which will be SOON! XOX

  2. Love the floor! Great work. These are the things I love about buying old...
    I'll be adding another cat to my one cat home soon and I am ready for the challenge! I have a referee whistle... ;)
    Merry Christmas from the bowels of downtown St. John's! Wish I were where you are! :) Any snow?

  3. Welcome to my little blog Andrea. My kitten is doing well with the other two cats, but it took awhile.
    We don't have any snow on the ground as of today. It has been windy and raining for the last few days. All my ski buddies are getting worried.


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