Saturday, May 9, 2009

Little Treasures and Bigger Ones Too!

It has been cold and rainy here in Newfoundland the last few days. A good time to stay indoors and do some felting. I used the wet-felt technique and I'm starting to get consistent results. There seems to be something very comforting when working with fiber, a grounding of sorts.

I love these treasure boxes with the matching soaps. The accent yarn on this box and soap set were hand-spun on the drop spindle. It was my very first successful attempt using a drop spindle. Thanks go to Shawn and Krista and Niki.

There is an element of surprise while wet felting these boxes because the wool moves around a bit and nothing is exactly the way it was put down. I find that to be delightful. You never know what might come through.

Felted soaps are truly little treasures. You take it in the shower with you and use it like a washcloth. The wool is a gentle exfoliator and leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean. Once the soap is finished you can either cut the remaining felt open and make a little change purse, or you can fill it with small slivers of soap, or just use it as a scrubby. I have given lots of these soaps away. They make great gifts.

All in all I had a really fun day and to top it off I received some pictures of my friend Colby wearing his special birthday apron. Colby's favorite thing to bake is banana bread. Yum!

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  1. great photos S. Great gift ideas indeed!


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